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Call Us : (817) 791-4606
Call Us : (817) 791-4606

About Us


It was founded by Jeff Baldwin, who, while sitting in a Business Network International meeting in Southlake Texas, experienced a unique God encounter where the words Chimney Sweep were highlighted to him and the chimney’s in the surrounding areas just “popped" out at him. He believes it was the Lord Jesus Christ leading him into a new tent making business.  He first established First Choice Chimney in 2009 and later built Texas Grill Masters in 2015, a company dealing in BBQ Grill repair and cleaning came in the area. After developing these businesses and amassing a great number of clienteles, Jeff formed First Choice Residential. This company prides itself as a one-stop shop for any homeowner who may needs products,  installation, cleaning, and repair of fireplaces for their households. The company covers services concerning BBQ grills to dryer vents in their product and services sections. Today the company is located in Arlington, Austin, Mobile, Keller, and Flower Mound in the DFW area. It offers a range of expert roofing care, chimney cleaning, fireplace maintenance, and chimney repair. All the services offered by 1st Choice Residential are meant to keep your home in high regard, warm, clean, safe, and healthy for all who live in the house.

What makes 1st Choice Residential Stand out?

1st Choice Residential is local based in the area of DFW and easily identifiable with the customers. Since it is a family-run business, the operating cost is minimal, enabling the company to pass on the savings to the customer through competitive prices at a high-quality product. The low operating costs also mean that the company can maintain professionalism and the needed expertise without increasing its services and products. The company provides free phone consultation to its customers, helping in building customer relations. The company's experienced technicians who are acquainted with gas gills promise safety for the clients.

What product and services does First Choice Residential offer?

The company offers an array of products and services that suit customer needs wherever they are. These products and services include:

BBQ Grill Cleaning and Repair Services

Most homeowners around the globe adore BBQ grilling. After a couple of times using the grill, they get dirty and, on occasion, may need a major repair. Individuals lacking the needed skill to clean and repair the needed grill has caused injury or even death when the gas, propane, or charcoal cause damage. 1st Choice Residential has professional that efficiently clean and repair your BBQ grill without risk of injury. Furthermore, the company’s expertise is interested in transforming clients' grills, making them perform high as they used to. Most customers are usually satisfied with the cleaning and repair services, as demonstrated by the review comments on the website. The use of the safest Green Citrix products to deep clean and sanitize your BBQ grill promises a 30-day labor warranty on repairs.

Fireplace Cleaning, Repair Services and Chimney Sweep

The technicians handling the fireplace repairs for 1st Choice Residentials have over 30 years of experience in the industry with the highest level of NFI certification. The technicians will examine the fireplace to establish the needed repair and the broken part. It usually takes one trip to get the job done; however, when there is a needed part, it will take two trips to arrange for the broken part. The pricing is often discussed upfront with the client, and the company offers 30 days labor warranty, whereas the parts warranty will depend on the manufacturer. The professionals will also examine your chimney, covering the firebox, damper, smoke shelf, refractory panels, and flue. The cleaning would take approximately one hour, depending on the amount of shoot that had build-up. The fumes and ash in the chimney are vacuumed out, leaving your home clean since cleaning clothes are laid on the floor before cleaning begins. Fireplace cleaning also encompasses cleaning the dryer vent to remove the lint build-up on the dryer duct. Based on the reviews on the product, the company has demonstrated the capability to handle your fireplace worries effectively.

Camp Fire Products

First Choice Residentials also has amazing products on its website and major e-commerce sites. The products allow you to shop for camping tools, grills, gas, outdoor survival, propane, charcoal, and much more. These are quality products that will make your home and summer camping much fun. The online market has a portable campfire that you could use to make a big fire while camping. If you are worried about how to lit the fire due to the wind blowing in the woods, well, first Choice Residential's jet fire windproof lighter has your back. The use of technology has led to the invention of several fireplace apparatus that is affordable and still ensures that the client enjoys the camping experience of their dream. Yes, 1st Choice Residential is your one-stop-shop for all your camping needs to make your family time memorable.

BBQ Tool and Accessories

Organizing a perfect BBQ requires forethought and planning. 1st Choice Residential has all the accessories needed to pull off a delightful BBQ experience. The company has all the products you are looking for, from outdoor wooden wine portable table to solar oven tubes for outdoor emergencies. Those planning for neighborhood BBQ or a family will find 1st Choice a formidable partner in providing necessary tools at an affordable price. It is important to remember that there are different types of grills to choose from at the shop. There is a charcoal grill, gas grill, outdoor oven, and fire pit grill, and propane grill.


1st Choice Residential has proven to the leader to provide chimney sweep and fireplace repair solutions. By using high tech and professional expertise, the company is trustworthy in service delivery and is reliable in handling dangerous gas fire issues. The pricing of both products and services is customer friendly and is attracting consumers from far and wide. If you intended to have a BBQ grill, you have a cleaning and repair of your fireplace, or you are interested in grill and camping accessories, then think 1st Choice Residential.