View of clean kitchen and dining area from living room

Ah, the holiday season is upon us. For some of us, this means packing up our bags and visiting our friends and families. For others, the holiday season means stress-cleaning our house for the friends and family that are coming to visit us. There are a few things that are more stressful than gazing around your house through the eyes of your relatives and realizing that your home looks like a natural disaster came through and swept everything into shambles. First, it’s probably not as bad as you think. Second, cleaning your house is a little easier than you think it is — although as tedious as ever. Continue to read on for some home cleaning tips that will turn your home into an elegant holiday retreat for your relatives. If you need extra help, then contact 1st Choice Residential today for house cleaning services that can’t be beaten! 

Start Early

If you’re an expert procrastinator, this could mean something different for you, but if you have relatives coming over in less than 48 hours, then it might be a good idea to start making moves. If you like getting a head-start on house cleaning, then starting a week before you expect friends and family to start showing up might be a good idea. What you should do to get an idea of where you need to start is walk through your house and look at your home as if you were a critical guest and take note of all its imperfections. What needs to be cleaned? What needs to be taken out of view until everyone leaves? Does anything need to be rearranged? Create a comprehensive list as you walk through; this will make your chores easier to tackle if you can cross them off your list. 

Organize What You Can

When preparing to deep-clean your home, it helps to organize all the clutter that is drifting about on your coffee table, on your bookshelves, and wherever else you mindlessly put things when you’re on auto-pilot. This can be easy and can actually make a remarkable improvement in the state of your home. Make sure your things are where they belong — the dog toys are in the dog cubby, personal items are put back in your room, and little knick-knacks are put in the clutter drawer (c’mon, everyone has one) or in their respective bowls (if you haven’t learned by now, bowls are a great way to hold and store small things). 

Clean Your Bathroom

Even if this ends up being one of the only rooms you clean before your visitors arrive, you should try your best to get it done. Nothing is less inviting than a bathroom that hasn’t been taken care of, and even more, it might make your guests a little uncomfortable being in a dirty bathroom. Bathrooms are where we are our most vulnerable, so make sure you give the following a good scrub-down:

  • The shower – Wash the shower walls, the floor of the tub, and organize the products by putting them in a shower caddy. 
  • The toilet – This one is important because it can dirty very easily. Make sure you’re getting the inside of the bowl, under the seat, around the rim of the bowl, the lid, and potentially, the sides of the actual toilet. Keep a plunger and a toilet brush near the toilet as well. 
  • The sink – The sink, like the toilet, reflects how much we care for our bathroom, so make sure you get rid of any toothpaste stains on the faucet, the faucet handles, and of course, in the sink itself. 
  • The mirror – Mirrors are relatively easy to clean, and they set the stage for the rest of the bathroom. They can make a big difference, especially since it’s the first thing people look at when they enter a bathroom.  
  • The floor – The floor can be as easy as a sweep, or a sweep and a mop. You can use your best judgment to figure out what it needs. 

When you’re done giving everything a good spray with your favorite surface cleaner, don’t forget to add clean hand towels and hand soap for the finishing touches!

Keep Up On Kitchen Maintenance

You and your visitors will be spending a lot of time in and around the kitchen because you can’t have the holiday season without food! If you can, start as early as a week before your visitors arrive to start organizing your kitchen and keeping places that are notorious for getting dirty, clean. You may be cooking a lot, which will make this step a bit more difficult, but cleaning as you cook can make the burden of cleaning everything at the end a lot easier. While you’re in the kitchen, you should:

  • Clean out the fridge – You should make plenty of room for all that food you’re about to cook. 
  • Distinguish the trash from the recycling – This will help in reducing the number of times you’ll have to take the trash out, and you’ll be helping the earth a little too. 
  • Wipe down and organize kitchen appliances – Clean all of your appliances and put any appliances away that you can’t see yourself using all that often while your guests are here. This will give you more room in your kitchen. 
  • Maintain your stovetop and oven – You will likely be using your stovetop quite frequently, so do your best to keep it clean each time you cook on it — messes can easily accumulate with appliances like this. 
  • Wipe down your sink and countertops – These surfaces will be coming into contact with food a lot over the course of the holiday season, so wiping them down as often as you can will improve the look of your kitchen. 

Tidy Up the Bedrooms

Before your guests come, clean the guest’s room and make sure they are ready and presentable. Make the beds, dust all surfaces, clean the mirror, organize any objects on the dresser or desks, and clear out the closet. If you’re tidying up your bedroom, it’s safe to assume that guests won’t be spending time in there, but making your bed, clearing items off the floor, and organizing your room will impress your guests should they walk by and peek in.  

Clean Common Areas

In addition to your kitchen, your guests will be spending a lot of time in the common areas. To make sure your living room and any common areas are clean, consider the following:

  • Fold and store blankets in a cubby near the couch
  • Pick up any dog toys or children’s’ toys and put them where they belong
  • Declutter and tidy up and organize any decorations and objects
  • Set out candles 
  • Dust your plants
  • Set out family-friendly games

This blog covers the most important aspects of cleaning your house for the holidays, but for expert house cleaning services, contact 1st Choice Residential today! We are proud to serve Arlington, TX and the surrounding area with services like barbeque grill repair and cleaning, pool cleaning, yard cleaning, house cleaning, and fireplace cleaning.