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Graduate from the grill

Graduate from the grill

It’s most likely that you consider yourself a professional grill master. You make burgers that are the best. You also sear the best steaks possible. With the right temperature and twists and turns your hotdogs are piece of art. You should get on the next step, you should get a smoker. If you want to become the best of the best in Barbeque this is the path you should follow. Your family and friends are going to applause you for your ultimate BBQ skills.

To attain this skillset you should follow these rules,

Slow and Steady

Smoking is the recommended method for getting mouth-watering, delicious from a large piece of meat. A pork butt or brisket tastes best when cooked over low and slow heat. To get the best results, it requires 200 to 250 degrees of heat to deliver the work. This method allows the meat to absorb the smoke and give a delicious taste.

Grilling and smoking meat is entirely different. While grilling, the temperatures are high at about 400 degrees, making the process quick, and you get done with it in minutes. That’s not the case with smoking; it requires a lot more time than that. To cook a perfect set of ribs takes five to six hours.

Don’t wait Chill

A griller is short-tempered, but a smoker needs to have the temperament to wait. A smoker requires labor, in the beginning, it involves a wait of almost an hour for the flavor to sink in. While smoking the ribs, you may need to mop them every 45 minutes.

You feel what you think, don’t think of it as a punishment. Enjoy with your friends, have a conversation, have drinks. It is your leisure time to make the most of it.


Before you smoke your meat, for instance ribs. It is essential to add a flavor of your choice. A good BBQ rub will get you the taste of your likeness. You’ll also require a bonding agent to make sure the rub sticks to the meat. Mustard and olive oil are recommended for using them as bonding agents.

Injecting a brisket with flavor is ideal for smoking it. If you’re willing to smoke a fish, a salmon, for example, marinade and brine are good to go. Whatever the meat is, you have the liberty to do whatever you like, show your creativity, and don’t stop.

Using your Grill

Smoking your meat on the grillers is possible, but you should not do it. Smoking your meat on your griller won't get you the finest results. Smoking on a griller is like racing without your racing shoes on, you might finish but won't get the desired result.

Smokers are uniquely designed to get your required low and moderate temperatures and maintain them. Most grillers will have spikes in temperatures and require significantly more work. Grillers additionally aren't intended to keep the smoke from your fuel in the essential area.

In short, try smoking your meat and feel the difference. Do not fear handling the huge pieces of meat, it is not that hard as it seems.

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