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Father’s Day Drink Pairings for the Grill

Father’s Day Drink Pairings for the Grill

Allowing your father to fire up his grill is probably the best father’s day gift that you could give to him. Letting him take his time with the grill and cooking whatever he prefers. Let father’s day be his special day. What you can also do is get your father the perfect drink that goes with his food. Asking your father what he wants to cook and pairing up a nice drink with it can really make the difference. Make it a full experience for your father. Here are some ways to do so:

Burger and a Beer

You will find that most dads prefer drinking a cold beer because it is simple and it suits them. If your dad is a fan of burgers and a beer, spice it up by switching up the kind of beer you give to him. The IPA can enhance the flavor of the spices making the food taste so much better. You can also offer a friendly and cold bud blitz to your father with his favorite burger. This beer helps bring out the flavor in any type of burger and is the perfect partner for a good burger.

Wine and Steak

This tale is as old as time. People have been enjoying varieties of wine with steaks for the longest time. If your dad is someone who likes to fire up a steak on the grill, maybe you could get him to try a good wine. The kind of wine you are going to buy highly depends on the type of spices you are using in your steak. A strong flavor of garlic butter in your food will seem fulfilling if you get your father a nice Pinot Noir or a Merlot.

Whiskey and Ribs

There is a reason that whiskey goes so great with ribs because it helps bring the food an all-around American taste. Whiskey made in the south is more on the sweeter side, and it works wonders for the smoky flavor of the rib. An excellent Californian rib will give a buzz that your father needs on his special day. You can let the ribs be the hero of the whole experience, but a nice whiskey will be the missing piece left of the puzzle. Whiskey and Ribs go amazing together.

Chicken and Iced Tea

For whatever reason, there are people out there who do not prefer alcoholic drinks, and we have a choice for them, too. A lovely cold iced tea with a Spatchcock Chicken with Grilled lemon might be the way to go for your father. Iced Tea can be that refreshing touch that you need on a hot summer day on father’s day. A good recipe will make for a pleased father, a little spice never hurt anyone, and it will allow your father to enjoy the cool smoothness of the green tea even more.

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